A Distorted Design

Fifty Shades of Grey is deceiving hearts and minds everywhere. For all the ways it distorts and deprives, there is One who knows our longings and has a pure design to fulfill them.

A Distorted Design

“Mr. Grey is here to see you now.”

From E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, these words invite the innocent Ana into the erotic world of the sex-mad Christian Grey. She is dazzled by what she sees, and so are readers, including Christians.

Women everywhere seem to be talking about Fifty Shades of Grey—the books and now the movie. Barna’s research suggests that Christian women have received Fifty Shades to virtually the same degree as the general populace. Millions of Christ-followers have waded into the trilogy, and no doubt millions more are flocking to movie theaters to see the story portrayed in living color.

I’ve heard many reasons why Christian women are drawn into what the world has deemed “mommy porn.” Some want to spice up their marriages, others see erotica as an acceptable sexual outlet, and still others just want to know what all the hype is about.

We may be all grown up, but that doesn’t mean we are immune to peer pressure. I think many Christian women have dabbled in Fifty Shades because they don’t want to be left out. One moment we are chiding our kids for watching an off-color cartoon, and the next we are secretly reading mommy porn on a Kindle.

Dannah Gresh and I want to invite you to be part of a different movement, one of sexual revival among Christian women. While the world peddles its latest version of counterfeit intimacy, God has given us His design for true intimacy. Women need to know that Jesus cares about sexual shame and longings.

Even if the church has largely ignored the topic of female sexuality, God has not. His Word can lead us to healing, deep satisfaction, and even passionate intimacy in marriage.

Many of the women Jesus ministered to while He was on earth were marred by sexual shame and betrayal. These women were hungry for the Living Water. Jesus is still in the business of meeting women at the well and offering them true and eternal satisfaction. Will you join us in proclaiming this hope by sharing it with the women in your life?

Dr. Juli Slattery
Dr. Juli Slattery
Dr. Juli Slattery is a clinical psychologist and the president and cofounder of Authentic Intimacy. She is also the coauthor of Passion Pursuit and Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman's Heart.
  • Deb

    This is probably the quickest, and yet the best, form of pulling the shades back to reveal the (ugly) truth of one side of God’s story. As I always thought, where God creates Satan deviates.

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