Buyer Beware

Janet Parshall
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Have you ever thought why it is that so many Christians are reticent to enter into the ‘marketplace of ideas?’

Jesus commanded us to go into the world to deliver His message of truth, delivered in love. But He never said it would easy.

In Buyer Beware, Janet Parshall takes the reader on a journey through the public square where ideas are ‘bought’ and ‘sold’ but where Truth is sometimes difficult to find. She examines some of the most controversial issues being debated in our culture today, by looking at them through the lens of Scripture.

Using the prophet Jeremiah’s instructive letter to the exiles, held in Babylonian captivity, Parshall shows how a people, held captive in a sin-sick, fallen world, can live abundantly and triumphantly by loving God’s truth and by boldly declaring it in the public square. Buyer Beware is designed to encourage modern day saints as they enter the ‘marketplace’ by helping them discover the richness of God’s word and the poverty of the world’s message.

Download an excerpt from Buyer Beware.

Buyer Beware

About the Author

Janet has been a devoted advocate of the principles and policies that strengthen the family. She is known for defending Christianity in the marketplace of ideas. (Janet’s Bio)

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