Faith Deployed

Jocelyn Green
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If your spouse or someone you know has been deployed recently, the stress of this situation will resonate with you.

Jocelyn Green speaks directly to the wives of deployed seamen, marines, airmen, and soldiers, through the experiences of their spouses. This book is not “ten easy steps” for a painless life; instead, it is a collection of devotions that squarely addresses the challenges wives face when their husbands are away protecting freedom. Challenges like: how does a military wife maintain a strong sense of patriotism without allowing her country to become an idol? What good can possibly come from moving every two or three years? How can I be sure that God has a purpose for my life that’s as strong as His purpose for my husband’s? The foundation of this devotional is the unchanging character of God and the anchor of Jesus Christ, even amidst the shifting circumstances of a military family.

Table of Contents:

Section One – Taking Every Thought Captive:  Training Our Minds to a Biblical Perspective

Section Two –  Guarding the Heart:  Protecting Ourselves From the World’s Temptations

Section Three –  Ambassadors for Christ:  Viewing Our Role as a Ministry

Section Four – Taking Orders:  Living the Life That Has Been Set Before Us

Section Five – Total Surrender:  Giving Up Our Attempts to Be in Control

Section Six –  The Price of Duty:  Overcoming the Trials Inherent in Serving

Section Seven – Active Duty Faith:  Leaning on a Faith That Sustains

Section Eight – Hope of Victory:  Recognizing God’s Goodness

Download an excerpt from Faith Deployed.

Faith Deployed

About the Author

Jocelyn is an award winning freelance writer and is an active member of the Evangelical Press Association and the Christian Authors Network. (Jocelyn’s Bio)

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