Fear and Faith

Trillia Newbell
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Fear is not simply an emotion we feel, it can also be paralyzing, controlling, and even motivating. Unfortunately, fear is often a byproduct of the sin in our heart.

We want to appear righteous, so in our pride and self-righteousness we fear man and conceal who we really are. Maybe we’ve had difficult, painful trials and so, rooted in anxiety, we look at the future fearfully, rather than trusting the Lord.

In Fear and Faith, we will look our fears in the face, name their root cause, and learn together how to lean on the One who we can and should trust. Fear has a way of whispering lies to our souls about who God is. But the Lord is better and through exploring what the Word says about our sovereign, good, and loving God, we can learn to rest in His ever-open arms. Ultimately we fight fear by trusting in the Lord and fearing Him.


About the Author

Trillia is a wife, mom, and author. She writes on faith and family for the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition and is the lead editor for Karis. (Trillia’s Bio)

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