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Hannah Anderson
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Many women today suffer from a kind of “identity myopia.” We often define ourselves by the details of our lives—our race, our gender, our body size, or our careers.

And as we become fixated on these things, as they become the only things we can see clearly, we develop a nearsightedness of the soul and the very way we think of ourselves and others shrinks to a small clouded sphere.

This book is a call to recover a grand vision of identity—to remember that your deepest sense of self comes from being made in God’s image and that everything about you, whether it is your race or gender, flows from Him and through Him and unto Him.

It is an invitation to discover how His nature shapes your own and to re-imagine, not simply what it means to be a women, but what it means to be a person destined to reflect His glory.


About the Author

Hannah Anderson has been involved in teaching and discipling women since college and finds joy in watching women embrace all that God has destined for them in Christ. (Hannah’s Bio)

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