Mornings with Tozer

A.W. Tozer
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In Mornings with Tozer, a 366 daily devotional readings the reader is enticed to grab your cup of coffee, find your favorite chair and begin your day with the wisdom of A.W. Tozer.

Most of these 366 devotional readings in Mornings with Tozer are gleaned from sermons Tozer preached nearer the time of his death in 1963 and have an intense concern for spiritual intimacy and true worship. A prayer has been added at the conclusion of each day’s devotional message.

Dr. Tozer would be the first to say to prospective readers: “Don’t let the reading of this devotional book replace your own personal study of God’s Word.” This urgency for the reader to follow his or her own pursuit of God is emphasized through Tozer’s personal illustrations, testimonies and prayers.

A.W. Tozer would want the reader to meditate on each devotional thought throughout the course of each day. He would suggest that readers acknowledge specific sins or temptations they are dealing with and confess them to the Lord.

So, as you welcome the morning light and all the sights and sounds of the emerging day, let Mornings with Tozer awake you spiritually with Scripture and the timeless truths Tozer learned in his own meetings with God.


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