Passion Pursuit DVD

Linda Dillow & Dr. Juli Slattery
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Eye-popping pleasure and soul-to-soul intimacy-that’s what God intended for a husband and wife to experience. But because of issues in our past, damaging information from the world, or incomplete teaching from the church, most of us don’t enjoy these holy gifts.

Passion Pursuit offers a valuable and sacred journey to joy and freedom. Pursuing passion takes time, intentionality, and creativity. Through the use of Scripture, especially from the Song of Solomon, Passion Pursuit not only urges women to pursue passion but also details how God has given them permission to do so. It reveals the power a woman has to build up or to tear down her marriage and how she can deal with her husband’s and her own temptations with empathy and holiness.

This daring ten-week study combines the psychological expertise of Dr. Juli Slattery, formerly of Focus on the Family, along with bestselling author and beloved Bible teacher Linda Dillow. They are from two different generations but share a passion to bring God’s truth and healing to women for their marriages and their lives.

Passion Pursuit DVD

About the Authors

Linda Dillow is a bestselling author and speaker. As a missionary of seventeen years, Linda has trained women by teaching and helping them launch women’s ministries. (Linda’s Bio)

Dr. Juli Slattery is a widely known psychologist, author, speaker, and broadcast media professional. She is well known for her Biblical principles, relatable style, and quick wit. (Juli’s Bio)

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