Seasons of a Woman's Life

Lois Evans
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Are you afraid that . . you’ll never reach the end of dirty diapers?

You’ll never be free of carpool duty? Your teenager’s rebellion will never end? The empty nest is just a little too empty?

Fear not, seasons change. You blink twice and find yourself in another situation. Maybe longing for the “old days” or maybe grateful for the freshness of a new season. But like it or not, the seasons will come, each in its sequence and each in its own time.

Using lively examples from her own life and those of other women – including Esther – Lois Evans challenges you to to discover the purpose of your life and to depend on Him as He teaches the lessons of each season. In this book, you will find helpful principles, recognize familiar emotions, and take to heart encouraging promises from the pages of God’s Word.

In this edition a new chapter on the grandparenting season has been added. And to help you dig deeper – whether alone or with friends – chapter study questions are included.

Download an excerpt from Seasons of a Woman’s Life.

Seasons of a Woman's Life

About the Author

Lois serves women and pastor’s wives by providing them with education, biblical counseling and support along with a myriad of other Christian resources.(Lois’s Bio)

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