Lina AbuJamra
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When Christians answer God’s call they are often unprepared for what that call entails. God’s call typically comes with great joy and anticipation but is followed by confusion and disillusionment as trials and difficulties arise.

Yet God never promised an easy road of personal comfort and ease. What God promises is a life of total transformation and a stripping of the former self in pursuit of godliness.

Stripped is about understanding the stripping process that must take place for sold out Christians to be used by God to build His kingdom. It is about the surrendered and broken Christian life, the life that God uses to accomplish His purposes through every one of His followers.

In it you will:

  • Find how to endure the stripping process
  • Learn what must be stripped from the Christian’s life
  • Be inspired by Biblical and real life examples who were victoriously stripped

Download an excerpt from Stripped.


About the Author

Lina is a Pediatric Emergency Room doctor. She enjoys writing and teaching the Bible to women. (Lina’s Bio)

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