Miriam Neff

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Author, Ministry Founder, Counselor, Widow, and Mother

Before her husband, Bob, passed away, Miriam Neff was able to travel the world with him in his ministry efforts. Although his death was the biggest trial of her life, her adventuring didn’t stop thereafter.

Miriam went on to become the founder and president of Widow Connection, a ministry that supports grieving widows. She is a Bible study teacher for widows, a conference speaker, and a frequent guest on radio programs, including Chris Fabry Live! and Midday Connection. Her one-minute feature, “New Beginnings,” is heard on over 1200 outlets.

Mariam has published nearly a dozen books, including Where Do I Go From Here?: Bold Living After Change, Shattering Our Assumptions, Heart’s Cry, and Sisters of the Heart. She holds a B.A. in Education and an M.A. in Counseling from Northwestern University, and was a counselor in public high schools for 23 years.

Together, Miriam and Bob raised 4 children, two of which were adopted.

Miriam’s Books

From One Widow To AnotherWhere Do I Go From Here?

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